The biggest chicken of them all

Donald Trump is too chicken to release his tax returns so the San Francisco Tax March will have a 13-foot-tall inflatable rooster to show the world just how big of a chicken our president is.  We met and exceeded our fundraising goal for the chicken in 51 minutes on the evening of Tuesday, March 7th.  

Less than a week later our chicken arrived.  We gathered at a building appropriately called "The Barn" to hatch it.

Life History

The chicken was hatched in a flock in China, where Trump Roosters were big attractions in shopping malls celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. Now they languish unloved and no longer celebrated in a warehouse in Guangdong. Money from this fundraiser will go toward the acquisition and care of the Trump Rooster for the SF Tax March.  All proceeds over the cost of the rooster will be passed over to the March.

Follow the Trump Chicken on twitter for updates on his whereabouts!

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